Taiwan is one of the most watched countries in the world. It has one of the highest densities of CCTV cameras per square meter. Every corner, every street, and every entrance is watched, either by private security companies or by individuals wishing to protect their homes.

This tiny island south of Japan and east of the southern Chinese coast ranks as one of the safest countries in the world along with Japan and South Korea.

Walking in Taiwan you will find bicycles left untouched, motorbikes with their engines still running, parked with their keys still in, houses that give on the street have their doors wide open and unlocked. Everyone knows everything is being watched and no one dares touch anything.

In this climate of safety, I decided to turn my gaze inward, towards Taiwanese people, at their homes, at their lives, and at their surroundings. My camera became my CCTV, my loop of grainy, dark and gritty images on Taiwanese life and the people were no longer being watched for their misbehavior but simply as a reflection of the connected times that we live in.

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